Dust Collection Products


Air Filter Sales & Service offers a wide range of filters and parts for dust collection, fume extraction, and sand blasting equipment. Our knowledge of dust collection systems spans across many types of industries and our experience in not only supplying, but servicing these facilities allows us to make the best recommendations. Our service department allows us the unique advantage of being familiar with most industry applications and we will streamline your requests to deliver information in a concise and timely manner.

Dust Collection FiltersWhether it is cartridges, bag filters or pleated bags, there are many fabric and configuration options to choose from and finding the right answer can be overwhelming.  Our sales team can “clear the air” by offering simple solutions and eliminating any guess work.  We are aftermarket specialists offering products for any make, model or size of dust collector, pulse-jet bag house, cartridge, or fume extraction system.  There is little we haven’t seen, but we are always up for a challenge – call us with your problem today.

Here are some of the popular products we carry:

  • Bag Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Pleated Bag Filters
  • Envelope Filters
  • Solenoid and Diaphragms (Goyen/Mecair/Asco)
  • Timer Boards & Magnahelic Gauges
  • Powder Leak Testing Products – Tracer Compound
  • Replacement Cages
  • Venturis
  • Safety Filters

Dust Collector Bag Filters

Dust Collection Bag FiltersWe can build any bag on the market if you are looking for standard replacements, or we can offer our recommendations on materials as a solution to problems like abrasion, moisture, bridging, non-releasability and temperature.

Take a look at our Filter Fabric Selection Guide to choose the material and finish that best fits your unique process application. 

Polyester Felt, K4, PTFE, Beane, Aramid, Nomex, Polypropylene, P84, Fiberglass, Teflon, etc.

Replacement Bag Filters for:

Murphy, Joy, Apsco, Kramear, Mikropul, Scientific, Herding, UAS, Wheelabrator, Allied Blower, Ducon, Fabripulse, Camco Redboine, and many more…

Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

Air Filter delivers a full line of cartridge filters to fit any brand of dust collector.   We offer a wide variety of materials and finishes that are developed for a specific particulate behaviour:

  • Polyspunbond
  • Polyspunbond HO
  • 80/20 Blend
  • Fire Retardant Cellulose
  • Nanofibers
  • PTFE

Dust Collection Cartridge Filters

Replacement Cartridges for:

AAF, Donaldson, Torit, Camfil Farr, Maxair, ABS, Mikropul, Flex Kleen, Clemco, Sulzer Metco, Wheelabrator, Plymovent, Nederman, MAC, Micro Air, Dustex, and many more…

Pulse Jet – Air Valves

Pulse Jet - Air Valves

 Choose from the full line of air-pulse filter cleaning products including:

  • Solenoids & Solenoid Repair Kits
  • Diaphragm Repair Kits
  • Timer Boards
  • Magnehelics
  • Air Valves


Powder Leak

Avoid dust bypass by detecting leaks at the source.  The leak test works by introducing fluorescent powder into upstream ductwork followed by an inspection of the clean-air plenum with a high powered black light. 

Powder Leak + Air Test

This test will determine where the leaks are located, after which corrective measures can be taken.  We also recommend this test as a preventative measure for bypass detection and identification.

Flex Hose

Flex Hose for Dust Collection

We carry all grades of flexible dust collection hose to suit the most difficult applications.


Dust Collector & Powder Coating Brands

  • Goyen/Mecair Valves
  • Donaldson Dust Collectors
  • AFF Dust Collection
  • Ducon Dust Collection systems
  • Torit Bag House
  • Flex Kleen Dust Collectors
  • Omega Powder Coating Booths
  • Pneumafil Bag House
  • Aagard Particulate Capture
  • Camfil Farr Source Capture/Dust Collection
  • Plymovent Fume Extraction
  • Defilibis Powder Coating Booths
  • Maxiflow 
  • Scientific 
  • Nordson Powder Coating Booths
  • Dantherm Particulate Collector 
  • Murphy Bin Vent
  • Kramear 
  • Allied Blower 
  • Mikropul 
  • ABS
  • UAS
  • Clark 
  • MAC