Dust Collection

Air Filter Sales & Service specializes in dust collection, offering maintenance services for heavy industrial and institutional dust capture equipment. Our dust collection services keep your operation running smoothly.

Filter Cleaning

Get the most life out of your dust collector filters with our comprehensive filter reconditioning service. Our return rate approaches 100% with very few, if any, items needing replacement.

Case Studies

Weatherford faced a critical emergency when large amounts of dust bypass continually migrated into surrounding work areas resulting in bottlenecks in production and diminished output.

Air Filter Sales & Service

Commercial Dust Collection

Air Filter is a leader in industrial clean air solutions.  Our team of professionals specialize in providing a practical approach to service and repair for industrial and institutional ventilation systems and production machinery, as well as an extensive supply of quality products.

Our crews work to ensure safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for our clients.  Whether we are responding promptly and effectively to emergency situations or offering a comprehensive, personalized, cost-saving program of maintenance, industrial clients in Canada turn to Air Filter Sales and Service.

Clients We Have Worked With