About Us

For over 20 years, Air Filter has proudly worked with the industrial community to provide premium services related to industrial and commercial dust collection, filter cleaning, fume extraction, and ventilation.


Not only do we provide on-the-spot emergency assistance, we help keep emergencies at bay. Our program of prevention and maintenance is built on our expertise and experience. We understand the problems that can arise from operational practices and modern production and work to educate our clients on how to keep business running smoothly. We strive to offer services that maximize efficiency and minimize energy consumption.

As an industrial services leader in Canada, we have built our reputation on meticulous technical solutions for industrial manufacturing facilities. Our sales staff and service technicians understand the importance of maintaining production machinery and completing service tasks in a timely fashion. We have built a team with extensive expertise in the field and an uncompromising commitment to excellence. We believe in offering dependable, guaranteed service and quality products. At Air Filter, it’s all about keeping our valued clients’ production up and running.