Dust Collector Maintenance Program

Sand Blasting Dust Collector

The Problem

Weatherford faced a critical emergency when large amounts of dust bypass continually migrated into surrounding work areas, resulting in bottlenecks in production and diminished output.

The Solution

Air Filter was contacted by Weatherford regarding major issues with the dust collection systems at their plant. At the time, the filters were being changed out every 3 months, yet the dust collector was continually bypassing large amounts of dust. The initial visit was to inspect the pulse jet cleaning system and provide repairs to keep production running until the replacement parts could be ordered (as there were no spares on hand). After the parts arrived and repair of the pulse jet system was completed, a deeper inspection was required. Our focus then shifted to the filter elements and developing a maintenance schedule.


After a filter media assessment, adjustments were made to optimize the filter fabric design so as to double the filtration area and increase the air flow performance. The filters were constructed of a rigid synthetic fabric in order to further prevent bypass due to history of filter failure.

Ongoing Results

Maintenance Schedule – Inspections were implemented initially on a bi-weekly basis over 3 months to determine the best preventative maintenance service intervals. With the appropriate filters, spares on hand and a comprehensive maintenance schedule, there are no longer unnecessary shutdowns due to dust collection failure.