Camfil Farr Gold Series Review

Posted on June 4, 2014 under Uncategorized

What’s good about the Camfil Farr Gold Series?

The ShoreMaster Infinity RS-7 is an all around great dock system. This dock is very lightweight but extremely strong for resisting strong winds and tall waves. The connections points are easy to use and once again are very strong. To further complement this boat dock, there are a wide variety of top sections that are quite aesthetically pleasing.

What’s not so good about the Camfil Farr Gold Series?

When it comes time to take this system out of the water the connection pieces can get a little sticky proving to be a tricky job. The aluminum legs tend to get rather gummed up with algae and plant life so it is important to clean this off each year for longevity. Finally, if the feet of the are placed on a rocky/uneven surface post dock placement this can compromise the stability of the dock and promote bending of the feet.

Camfil Farr Gold Review Full Review:

The ShoreMaster Infinity RS-7 dock is our system of choice. Before we begin start rambling on about its strengths or looks let’s tackle the docks specifications.


The tires on the end of the dock are made from poly (a very strong and hard plastic) tested up to 3,000 pounds. The tires contain small vents, allowing them to fill with water to ensure a stable end section to the dock. In our experience with these docks (over 30 separate docks on Sylvan Lake, AB alone) we have never seen damage or had issues with the tires.


Assembly of this system is extremely simple. Starting in 2006, ShoreMaster instituted their “simple-to-use” clamp that is extremely easy to use. When connecting each piece, it’s as simple as lowering the section into place and tightening the “Quick Connect” screws. Two strong individuals can easily bring these sections into the water and install them though we would recommend four. The more people there are to move level and stabilize the dock the better.

Cross Support

Built into the frame of this dock is a strong cross support to help keep the dock together. This piece complements the structural integrity of each section.

Pier Sections

The sections of this boat dock are available in 8 or 16-foot lengths. We would recommend the majority of your dock to be composed of the 16-foot sections to cut down on the amount of connections needed. Where the 8-foot pieces come in handy is when you want to add outlets, sitting areas, etc.